Embark on a three-part journey that lifts and connects you to New York City’s most famous sites and moments. 

Experience RiseNY with The New York Pass®

  • With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
  • See award-winning documentary maker Ric Burns’ captivating film about Times Square.
  • Explore museum-style galleries that transport you through the evolution of New York’s pop culture.
  • Enjoy a fantastic simulated ride high over the rooftops of the Big Apple.

Located in Times Square, RiseNY’s immersive three-part adventure takes you on an immersive journey through the evolution of NYC’s vibrant pop culture history, connecting you to some of the city’s most famous sights and historical moments!

Your experience begins inside a replica of the original NYC City Hall Subway Station where you’ll enjoy a screening of Ric Burns and James Sanders’ documentary about the Big Apple’s evolution into a global cultural hub, narrated by Jeff Goldblum.

A virtual subway car transports you to RiseNY’s seven galleries, which are themed around finance, film, fashion, music, the New York skyline, TV/radio and Broadway. Museum-quality exhibits showcase the city’s pop culture roots, with highlights including a hand-painted jacket made for Madonna by graffiti artist Keith Haring, the guitar Bruce Springsteen used to write Born To Run, Biggie Smalls’ red tracksuit, a check signed by Founding Father Alexander Hamilton and replica set designs from iconic New York TV shows including The Honeymooners.

Your thrilling adventure climaxes in the state-of-the-art flying theater. Take your seat, strap in and get ready for an uplifting experience like no other. You’ll rise 30 feet into the air before dipping, swooping and soaring across the New York skyline. Enjoy the best seats in the house for the Times Square New Year Ball Drop, soar over Central Park and see Brooklyn Bridge and the Yankee Stadium from dizzying heights. Amazing 8K aerial footage, realistic flight movement and wind and mist effects might even convince you that you’re experiencing the real thing!

RiseNY highlights

At the movies - watch a Jeff Goldblum-narrated documentary exploring the cultural impact of NYC and Times Square on the rest of the world

Pop culture icons - exhibits in the seven themed galleries include a gown worn by Beyoncé, a statue of Alexander Hamilton and Bruce Springsteen’s guitar

Take to the skies - enjoy an amazing simulated flight over New York, taking in bird’s eye views of its most famous landmarks as you swoop and soar




Getting in: show your pass for scanning at the admissions desk.

For more information, visit the RiseNY website.



60 West 45th Street
New York, NY 10036


7th Avenue/West 44th Street: bus M104


Times Square - 42nd Street: 1, 2, 3, 7, N, Q, R or W line

Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday: 10AM-8PM

Friday and Saturday: 10AM-10PM


RiseNY is closed on Tuesdays.